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Legislative Update

We are approaching the end of March and our bill draft HF 973 and SF 967 have been introduced this session, but without a hearing scheduled.

The 2023 legislative session has been focused on high profile legislation related to issues from the 2022 election campaigns and determining the next two year budget for the State with its projected $17 billion surplus. Because of these focuses, other important legislation is being deferred until next year.

The Health Care Committees in both the House and Senate have designated licensing and scope of practice bills as legislation that will be delayed until next year due to lack of committee time. This means our bill is deferred to next year's 2024 legislative session.

This does not reflect on the merits of any specific legislation, but is a reflection of the calendar and priorities of the legislature.

We are continuing our effort to pass regulation in Minnesota. We will continue our campaigns and updates through social media and email. Please check both platforms and our website for updates and learn ways to support the bill draft as we look to pass our bill in the 2024 legislative session.

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