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Fulcrum Health - Seeking Massage Therapists!

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Massage Therapy is gaining consumer demand because of efficacy in pain management, and its important role in conservative care.  Due to this demand, Fulcrum Health is currently working with an insurance plan that is expanding this benefit to its members.  To meet this need, Fulcrum is now seeking qualified massage therapists to join our network for providing health plan covered massage therapy services.   


As a massage therapist, we encourage you to learn more and start the application process.  Together we can do more, and we want to be your partner in this process. We will help with education and assist you along the way on how to be a part of a network.   


Massage Therapy Network - JOIN TODAY!  

Fulcrum is paving the way towards a health plan offering massage therapy as a covered benefit 

No fee to join, no dues or annual costs, and no claims processing fees to participate  

Easy to apply via the TruTouch website  

Administrative ease with becoming part of a select network 

Your name and clinic will be listed in the directories and websites of Fulcrum's clients  

Education on claims submission with no fees 


Fulcrum Health, Inc is a non-profit organization with headquarters in Plymouth, MN that started with chiropractic services and pain management 40 years ago.  Serving over 2.1 million members in the Midwest, Fulcrum continues to offer innovative and inspiring ways to leverage physical medicine that help lower health care costs, achieve better outcomes, and increase patient satisfaction.   


If you’re interested in applying or want to learn more, please visit the TruTouch website,  If you have any questions, contact Fulcrum contracting at (877) 886-4941 Ext. 205.

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