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Join in supporting HF 973 and SF 967 Licensing for

Massage Therapy and Asian Bodywork!

Minnesota has worked for years to establish state wide regulation of massage therapy

and is currently one of three states remaining in the USA without regulation.

Forty-six states, Puerto Rico, and Washington D.C. already require massage therapists to be licensed - and most regulate massage therapy as a healthcare profession.

The Benefits of Professional Licensure:

Watch our Benefits Video Here.

  • Increased public protection

  • Reduced administrative and financial burden by replacing the patchwork of city regulations that impede portability

  • Standardized education, provide uniformity for scope of practice and                          professional standards

  • Protects the profession and encourages growth

Support HF 973 and SF 967 Licensing for Massage Therapy and Asian Bodywork

Send a message to your legislators using the QR code below, through Voter Voice

To support state licensure download this poster

to post in your work place so that your clients, patients, and allied professionals can send in support using Voter Vote.

Find My Legislator:

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