Minnesota Massage Therapy State Licensure


45 states, Puerto Rico, Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands require massage therapists to be licensed, with
California maintaining a voluntary credential. Each individual state has the sole authority to license
massage therapists in their jurisdiction in accordance with local law and established national standards
and practices of the profession. In every instance of licensing, states and territories have developed a
clear set of standards and established a precise number of educational hours for a massage therapist to
gain licensure that are consistent with the best available data and research pertaining to the massage
therapy industry.

There will be a bill introduced to license massage therapists within Minnesota at the beginning of the
2020 legislative session. The Minnesota Massage Therapy bill draft includes the regulation of Asian Bodywork Therapy.  The bill would result in creating a uniform scope of practice, place Minnesota on
par with neighboring states and would also reduce the administrative and financial burdens massage
therapists currently face from the patchwork of regulations through needing to comply with multiple city
ordinances and regulations across Minnesota. A bill would provide municipal leaders with clear direction
on who is eligible to practice and subsequently increase licensure portability outside of the state.
Licensure provides protection for both the public and the industry, setting us apart from those elements
who seek to corrupt the good name of massage and have the following impacts:

 The absence of a license means that massage therapy is essentially an unregulated and largely
unrecognized profession within Minnesota. The absence of statewide license also does nothing
to prevent an individual who behaves in an inappropriate manner to move to another
municipality if a complaint is filed against them.
 Allowing massage therapy professionals, who so chose, to participate in health care discussions
through the benefit of a legally defined scope of practice.
 Ensuring practice act protection as Minnesota is currently one of only four states where anyone
can state that he or she is a massage therapist regardless of their actual training, length of
experience or competence without fear of legal repercussions.

Licensure for the massage therapist is a critical effort for the industry and one our organizations have
collectively been working on for decades. Please join us in increasing standards, implementing enhanced
protections and supporting licensure for all massage therapists within Minnesota!



Client Bill of Rights Template

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This template reflects changes in what is required to be in the CAP Client Bill of Rights, and has been checked over by the Office of Unlicensed Complementary and Alternative Health Care Practices in the MN State Department of Health.  

Client Intake & SOAP Documentation for Your Massage Practice

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Keep track of your massage client's condition and progress with sample SOAP notes. These helpful reference tools can enhance your rapport with your clients, and are also invaluable when communicating with insurance companies.

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